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Circle of Love

To learn all about Our Court's activities for the seven points of our Circle of Love, click on the links above.

The images above are symbolic of the CIRCLE OF LOVE program.

By definition, a circle is a curved line with every point equal distance from the point of the center and bound together by the common interest. In the seven point program, the common interest is LOVE!

The seven point program is bound together by the common interest, LOVE!

The seven points indicate the needs of the Church and community best served by the Catholic Daughters. The program itemizes these needs with suggestions on how Catholic Daughters can effectively serve.

National CDA Circle of Love

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas provide National Circle of Love Projects every year. Here's what they've been up to.

EDUCATION: The National CDA sponsors Scholarship Programs for both students entering a Catholic High School or a College. These include the National Education Contest and the Father Leonard Bachmann Scholarship. Information and applications for these scholarships can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the page for "Education" in our Circle of Love.

YOUTH: Tomorrow’s promise lives in today’s youth. National CDA encourages us that this can be accomplished by working collaboratively with existing community and parish youth groups such as the youth ministry, social action groups, local schools, or by sponsoring a Junior CDA Court. It is the mission of the Youth Program to nurture personal and spiritual growth; to promote service to others and to foster an awareness and appreciation of diversity through a variety of suggested activities and experiences. CDA Youth programs include scholarships for Students entering High School. Information about these youth scholarships can be found at the top of this page on our Court's "Education" link to Our Circle of Love.

SPIRITUALITY: Much like our own Website, the National CDA Circle of Love under Spirituality offers links to prayers, workshops, homilies and many other resources to enhance a hungry soul's spirituality.

QUALITY OF LIFE: (Social Awareness) - issues of our national program are the heart of our ministering to the needs of all peoples. We are called to reach out with compassion and support, to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow and sickness.

FAMILY: Families praying together, working together and playing together will fully encompass the Circle of Love Program. National offers us a list of Family Bible Verses: John 4:19, 1 Timothy 5:8, Acts 10:2, Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 6:4, Exodus 20-12, Proverbs 22:6, and Joshua 24:15. Read together as a family!

LEADERSHIP: As members of CDA, we have the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of leadership and implement our talents as a future leader. We will be the wind beneath the wings of others and "let (them) fly so high, they will almost touch the sky!" Our National CDA, under the spoke of Leadership, offers us links to the "Walk the Walk" seminar as given by past National Regent Helene Shepherd. There are also "Tips For Leaders" and Leadership updates.

LEGISLATION: Operation Morning Star is a program of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas to Our Lady under her title Morning Star, to encourage Catholic women to speak out in the legislative arena. Learn more about legislation efforts at Operation Morning Star (currently their web site is down, but we will keep our eyes on it and relink as soon as their page is up and running again.

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