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Food for Kids Free Summer Lunch Program

Since the Summer of 2015, Court St. Ann, Mother of Mary #2419 members have been involved in providing food for food challenged children in the Washingtonville School District and this work continues. From September - June, our CDA members volunteer for the Washingtonville, NY School District's weekend backpack program. In spite of the challenges we have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, our members show up on a weekly basis to provide nutritious weekend meals for food insecure children in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Our members also actively donate food items, as well as monetary donations to help with food purchases.

During the summer months of July and August when schools are closed, the work continues with the Summer Lunch Program. Court members volunteer to prepare and pack food, which is then taken out and distributed to children and families in need.

Each December along with our St. Mary's Food Pantry partners, we also particpate in the collection and distribution of Christmas Toys.

These activities continue to have a positive and uplifting impact not only for our community, but also for our wonderful CDA members who follow the call to so generously volunteer their time and talent.

Since 2015 the Summer Lunch Program has grown tremendously. The program is now in operation for eight weeks during the summer months and includes volunteers from our school district and other local churches, thus ensuring that all eight weeks can be covered.

The great benefits our Court has seen because of this program have been both Spiritual as well as practical. a Spiritual benefit is that we are called to follow the motto of our former National Regent and Court St. Ann member, Helene Shepard, to "Serve the Lord With Gladness!" It is inspiring to see the joy in service, the quiet self-sacrifice, and the enthusiasm of our CDA sisters as they provide food for the needy and the vulnerable in our community.

A practical benefit has been the chance to spread the word to our women volunteers from St. Mary's Parish about Catholic Daughters, and the many other opportunities for service that we are involved in. We often welcome new members as a result of our Summer Lunch Program. We are blessed and look forward to another fruitful summer in 2022!

From the Catholic Daughters National Website

Many years back, Bette Midler had a hit with a song called

"You are the Wind Beneath My Wings"

This song is really about leadership because it is the leader who is the inspiration that allows others to "fly higher than an eagle." Dedicated and inspired leadership over the last 100 years in the Catholic Daughters has kept CDA the largest Catholic women's organization in the world. You, as a member of CDA, have the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of leadership and implement your talents as a future leader. You will be the wind beneath the wings of others and "let (them) fly so high, they will almost touch the sky!" Consider becoming a leader in CDA! Hopefully, this will give you the skills and confidence to step forward to become an officer in your local court. In so doing, you will become one of those leaders who have vision and get others to share that vision.

You will be the inspiration for others to follow.

If you need any information concerning Leadership in CDA for the Circle of Love please don't hesitate to contact your local Regent.

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