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Circle of Love * Youth/JCDA

Sadly, like many other things in the World today, our JCDA has remained quiet due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are talks taking place right now to once again gather and make plans for Activities for the coming year.

Our Past Activities

Our Court participated in the 46th annual March for Life in Washington DC on January 18,2019. Each year, St. Mary's Parish in Wasingtonville organizes a pilgrimage to attend the March for Life. Our journey from Washingtonville, NY to Washington DC is led by our beloved pastor, Reverend Jeffrey Maurer, to pray for the end of abortion while being sensitive to those who may be suffering from the effects of abortion. Before departure, our Horizons Youth Group attended Mass in preparation for this event and the entire group displayed immeasurable maturity and reverence while attempting to grasp the emotional impact of women who regret their abortion, hearts that are searching for conversion and souls that seek reparation for having had or supported an abortion. The 6 CDA members who rode the bus with the youth group did more than simply chaperone 30 teenagers and take responsibility for their safe return to Washingtonville, they also bore witness to the powerful pro-life generation that will hopefully, through prayerful intercession, see the end to the American genocide of abortion in their lifetime. As a Circle of Love project for Youth, Court St. Ann, Mother of Mary is proud to have walked each step of the March for Life with beloved teens from our parish as they annually make a positive impact on other youth in our parish while instilling courage to defend the unborn in a culture that devalues life.

From the Catholic Daughters National Website

Tomorrow's promise lives in today's youth for they will be the leaders, the citizens and the church of tomorrow. In responding to their needs today, we shape a better future for all. It is the mission of the Youth Program to nurture personal and spiritual growth; to promote service to others and to foster an awareness and appreciation of diversity through a variety of suggested activities and experiences.

The Catholic Daughters established the Junior Catholic Daughter program in 1926. It is a program for Catholic girls from 6 to 18 years of age. The goals and objectives of the JCDA program are divided into a Threefold Program of: Message; Service; and Community. For information about the JCDA program, contact the National Catholic Daughter office.

The Youth are an important part of our organization. We as Catholic Daughters need to nourish the spirit of the youth to ensure the continued growth of the Catholic Church and our organization.

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